Most of you are familiar with the Food Pyramid, a chart to guide healthy eating (originally created in Sweden in 1972) and soon after adapted and provided by our own United States Department of Agriculture. This has always been a controversial subject, as there are so many opposing personal, political and social views which may influence it.
Given our company’s emphasis and belief in the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle, it’s actually hard to image the current Pyramid having any relevancy at all. Rather than debate the obvious flaws in the traditional Food Pyramid head on, we simply created our own, inspired by the Plant-Based Lifestyle. While we recognize that individual tastes and preferences vary, the goal of this has been to promote health and wellness in our diet. Consider this as a guide more than a rule.



Sydney-born Tom Halpin was sous-chef at Noma in Copenhagen for Four years. Since he’s left Copenhagen, he’s won Iron Chef while consulting at Ad Lib in Bangkok, Thailand. He then returned to Australia to open Silvereye Restaurant with fellow Noma alum Sam Miller. He’s currently traveling on a worlwide cooking tour, this year he’s been to Thailand, Moscow, London, Malaysia, Columbia and Mexico. Each menu differs greatly and shows off Toms appreciation for vegetables and exploring local techniques and flavors.
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Tom and Chef Scott Winegard met at Noma 5 years ago and maintained a friendship and always thought it would be great to cook together again.
When Tom let Scott know he was planning to pass through Los Angeles it only made sense for them to make this happen.
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Tom will be Joining us as Guest Chef at Plant Food + Wine on January 20th where he will be preparing a special 7 course dinner menu. We look forward to share Tom’s talents with you.
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