Meet MK Wellness Instructor: Shayna Hiller

Shayna Hiller. CHC, RYT is an author, wellness coach and yoga instructor based in Venice Beach, California. She is passionate about supporting people in overcoming eating disorders, experiencing deeper intimacy, and managing stress. She is also among the first instructors to lead a Matthew Kenney Wellness experience.

Why Retreat?

I could honestly write a novel on this topic, as conscious vacations are such a significant part of my life. I truly credit yoga retreats for evolving me into who I am today… perhaps even more so than my professional trainings. Here’s why: When I travel without expectation and with health in mind, there are endless opportunities available to me. I can rediscover myself in a brand new setting. It literally resets my entire system and provides me with a fresh new outlook on life. The first retreat I ever attended was in 2007 in Costa Rica. I knew no one. I was 21. I had only been practicing yoga for one year. The retreat taught me so much about myself, my health, and my connection to nature. I ended up hosting my first retreat one year later and have continued to host international wellness experiences annually.

The retreats I host are multidimensional in nature, which makes them quite unique. My expertise involves an interdisciplinary approach to well-being which includes: modern day yoga, tantra, meditation and nutrition. I believe that enjoyable fitness is a necessity for living a healthy life. Hiking and yoga (041_04.26.16_SHAYNA-HILLER-YOGA_NICOLE-PHOTOGRAPHY-INC_IMG_0168and perhaps a bit of un-choreographed dance) are the highlights of the physical dimension of the experience. I also include high quality breath work and modern meditation techniques so people can enjoy a direct experience of heightened states of consciousness, intuition and joy. All of what I offer are practices that I perform regularly and have transformed my relationship with my body, mind and overall well-being. This is primarily the reason I share these powerful techniques with my guests. Everything you learn you will be able to take home with you.

Over the past ten years, the retreat business has taken off at a considerably quick rate. I think it’s wonderful that so many people are offering yoga retreats and healthy getaways. I am simultaneously hopeful that retreats maintain their integrity. In my opinion, a retreat is a mindfully crafted experience. Retreats may involve yoga, meditation, nature, fitness, healthy eating, massage, creative projects, and more. Regardless of the theme of a retreat, the entire experience serves as an invitation into self-care and ultimately self-love. There is a beginning, a middle, and and end. It is purposeful. It is simple. To me, this holds a much different flavor than planning a fancy vacation filled with booze, unhealthy food, and tourist activities. I recently read a quote:

‘Travel is the only thing you pay for that will make you rich.’ <—yes, yes and more yes!

Most of us have probably heard that getting out of our comfort zone is where the magic happens, and it’s true. Experience is the teacher. I have chosen to partake in hosting a unique wellness experience at Inner Sanctuary March 2017 simply for that reason. To have an experience that will inspire you on the cellular level. It wouldn’t surprise me if in less than a decade from now wellness experiences become a required integration into corporate wellness programs. I believe they are a necessity for maintaining health and happiness, not just a luxury.
I chose to name the upcoming wellness experience in Thailand ‘Superfood for the Soul’. I believe this title encompasses the true essence and value of the offering. In my opinion, traveling to a place like Thailand is soul food in itself. It is a completely different culture whose roots are deeply embedded in spirituality. I felt that energy when I traveled to India in 2009. There is something in the air in the East in my opinion. It literally changed me. It was like going to a completely different world. My mind felt expansive. This deep enrichment is what I call ‘soul food’, not to mention the week will be filled with some of the most artful authentically prepared culinary delights you’ve ever experienced!

You are invited to join me this winter in a truly sacred land for an unforgettable experience that has the power to nourish you on the deepest of levels. If you’re feeling stuck, fearful, or inspired I encourage you to take this next step (or leap) for yourself.

As an added offering to this wellness experience, I am happy to provide a complimentary 15 minute Skype/phone call with you if you would like to connect before the trip and discuss your primary desires and questions regarding the retreat content.

Cheers to your journey!

‘Travel brings power and love back into your life.’ — Rumi

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