Weekend Workshops

Plant-Based Cooking Classes in Venice, California and Miami, Florida

Weekend Workshops are a great way to explore Matthew Kenney Culinary programs, learn specific skills, and enhance overall preparation of plant-based cuisine. Matthew Kenney Culinary weekend workshops cover a wide range of topics, including knife skills, crafting raw chocolate and learning the basics of raw breads. Students can explore the preparation of fermented foods, proper sports nutrition, and the art of making tree nut cheeses and more.

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The Weekend Workshop course schedule for our Venice, CA and Miami, FL academies are listed below, specific course information can be found by clicking each course title. The academy accommodates group bookings for parties and corporate events, please contact: weekends@matthewkenneycuisine.com for more information.

Matthew Kenney Weekend Vegan Workshops

Workshops: Venice, CA


January 7th / Detox / 10am-1pm
January 8th / Raw / 11am-4pm
January 14th / Fermented / 10am-2pm
January 15th / Cheese / 10am-2pm
January 21st / Powered / 10am-1pm
January 22nd / Cacao / 11am-4pm
January 28th / Dinner Demo / SOLD OUT 6-8pm
January 29th / Raw / 11am-4pm


February 4th / Cacao. Cheese. Dessert / 11-4pm
February 5th / Cacao. Cheese. Dessert / 11-4pm
February 11th / Detox / 10am-1pm
February 12th / Cheese / 10am-2pm
February 18th / Bread / 10am-1pm
February 19th / Bread / 10am-1pm
February 25th / Dinner Demo / 6-8pm
February 26th / Raw / 11am-4pm

MARCH 2017

March 4th / Powered / 10am-1pm
March 5th / Fermented / 10am-2pm
March 11th / Express / 10am-1pm
March 12th / Cheese / 10am-2pm
March 18th / Dessert / 10am-1pm
March 19th / Cacao / 11am-4pm
March 25th / Dinner Demo / 6-8pm
March 26th / Raw / 11am-4pm

APRIL 2017

April 1st / Cacao. Cheese. Dessert / 11-4pm
April 2nd / Cacao. Cheese. Dessert / 11-4pm
April 8th / Detox / 10am-1pm
April 9th / Cheese / 10am-2pm
April 15th / Cacao Easter Special / 11am-4pm
April 16th / Holiday Easter Class / 11am-4pm
April 22nd / Bread / 10am-1pm
April 23rd / Bread/ 10am-1pm
April 29th / Dinner Demo / 6-8pm

Weekend Workshops: Miami, FL


January 7th / Dinner Demo / 6-8pm
January 8th / Dessert / 10am-1pm
January 14th / Detox / 10am-1pm
January 15th / Raw / 11am-4pm
January 21st / Fermented / 10am-2pm
January 22nd / Cheese / 10am-2pm
January 28th / Powered / 10am-1pm
January 29th / Cacao / 11am-4pm


February 4th / Dinner Demo / 6-8pm
February 5th / Raw / 11am-4pm
February 11th / Cacao. Cheese. Dessert / 11am-4pm
February 12th / Cacao. Cheese. Dessert / 11am-4pm
February 18th / Detox / 10am-1pm
February 19th / Cheese / 10am-2pm
February 25th / Bread / 10am-1pm
February 26th / Bread / 10am-1pm

MARCH 2017

March 4th / Dinner Demo / 6-8pm
March 5th / Raw / 11am-4pm
March 11th / Powered / 10am-1pm
March 12th / Fermented / 10am-2pm
March 18th / Express / 10am-1pm
March 19th / Cheese / 10am-2pm
March 25th / Dessert / 10am-1pm
March 26th / Cacao / 11am-4pm

APRIL 2017

April 1st /  Dinner Demo / 6-8pm
April 2nd / Raw / 11am-4pm
April 8th / Cacao. Cheese. Dessert / 11am-4pm
April 9th / Cacao. Cheese. Dessert / 11am-4pm
April 15th / Detox / 10am-1pm
April 16th / Holiday Easter Class / 11am-4pm
April 22nd / Cheese / 10am-2pm
April 23rd / Cacao / 11am-4pm
April 29th / Bread / 10am-1pm
April 30th / Bread / 10am-1pm

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Sydney-born Tom Halpin was sous-chef at Noma in Copenhagen for Four years. Since he’s left Copenhagen, he’s won Iron Chef while consulting at Ad Lib in Bangkok, Thailand. He then returned to Australia to open Silvereye Restaurant with fellow Noma alum Sam Miller. He’s currently traveling on a worlwide cooking tour, this year he’s been to Thailand, Moscow, London, Malaysia, Columbia and Mexico. Each menu differs greatly and shows off Toms appreciation for vegetables and exploring local techniques and flavors.
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Tom and Chef Scott Winegard met at Noma 5 years ago and maintained a friendship and always thought it would be great to cook together again.
When Tom let Scott know he was planning to pass through Los Angeles it only made sense for them to make this happen.
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Tom will be Joining us as Guest Chef at Plant Food + Wine on January 20th where he will be preparing a special 7 course dinner menu. We look forward to share Tom’s talents with you.
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To purchase tickets to the event click here