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The First Classically Structured Vegan Culinary Academy

Matthew Kenney Culinary is the world’s first classically structured raw and plant-based culinary academy! The academies draw students from around the globe and operate online in addition to physical locations. Matthew Kenney Culinary was recently ranked one of world’s best cooking classes by Food & Wine Magazine. The academy has expanded to new national and international locations, and is continuously growing curriculum to offer a variety of courses beyond raw cuisine.

Advanced, Cutting-Edge, Living Cuisine

The mission of Matthew Kenney Culinary is to share and advance cutting-edge plant-based cuisine in an inviting environment through superior instruction and innovative techniques designed to challenge and inspire. Programs are designed for those interested in the culinary art of raw foods at the home entertainment level, while using professional-style techniques. Courses are structured so that students build on their techniques, enabling them to execute and innovate plant-based cuisine at the highest level. Matthew Kenney Culinary welcomes students from around the world into our interactive culinary courses.

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