MK Culinary Alum Tereza Launches European Cooking Show

Tereza Poljanic aka Teresamisu is a certified raw chef that loves everything that nourishes the body, mind and soul. She is also a Matthew Kenney Culinary LI and LII graduate, a host and author of a visually delicious cooking show and cookbook in Slovenia, Europe.

Five years ago, after feeling tired and run-down, Tereza and her family ditched highly-processed, sugar-laden products and turned to wholefoods – foods that are closest to their natural state. Tereza  started her own culinary blog and decided to pursue this as a career. She enrolled in Matthew Kenney culinary to discover the art of raw food, where she learned the power of a plant-based diet and worked with other chefs from around the world.

Tereza wrote about her experience at MK Culinary every day throughout her two months study, and highlighted beautiful pictures to show off amazing work from students! She believes that Matthew Kenney Culinary gave her the chance to spread awareness of what and how we prepare our food.

“I will always treasure the time at Matthew Kenney Culinary and I’m incredibly grateful for the experience, the lovely teachers and my friends from all over the world. These incredible two months changed my life!”

Now in her first cooking show and cookbook in Europe, Tereza shares her favorite recipes and tips for how to keep healthy and feel great. With the expertise of production company Blueroom and director Ziga Zupancic, Tereza created a unique show about cooking, traveling and exploring New Zealand’s food culture that intrigues viewers of all age.
Teresamisu meals and cooking philosophy have a distinctive style. They say goodbye to refined sugar, white flour, nasty additives and unpronounceable ingredients. We explore a simple, clean way of eating, while using lots of local, organic ingredients. Tereza shares her culinary skills while venturing around Aotearoa, where she sources fresh, flavoursome ingredients. Viewers meet regional growers and organic beekeepers, the show emphasizes the importance of buying locally to support communities and enjoy quality produce at cheaper prices.

“My food is passionate, delicious and always healthy, with minimal effort or stress. I am a woman who never counts calories, because when you eat a wholesome diet you are putting your body in perfect balance! I stick to a simple philosophy of whole, fresh, seasonal ingredients to awaken positive energy and put a smile on your face.”

The modern cooking show is portrayed as Tereza sees her food; a playground where people come together and share their culture through taste and knowledge. This show is not about so-called “super-foods”, it’s simple home cooking with easy-to-find ingredients, nothing you couldn’t find in a small town grocery store. The show consists of 10 episodes and is already a big hit on Slovenia’s biggest TV station – POPTV.


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