MK Culinary Alum: Gabriela Ryffel

Gabriela Ryffel is a musical theater actress from Switzerland. After completing her university studies in Germany, she has performed throughout the German speaking world. Although she has lived mainly in large cities, she finds balance by spending time in the mountains of Switzerland and her husband’s home state of Wyoming. Most recently Gabriela settled in Vienna, where she took some time off to dive deeper into her interest for plant-based and raw food cuisine.

Good food has always been important in my family.  Eating together, having friends over for dinner, and enjoying good meals were the moments when we really connected the most.  Both my parents and my brother have always been good cooks.  As a child, I loved eating, but didn’t have much interest in learning how to prepare food myself.  When I became a vegan, it became a little more tricky to participate in family meals.  So, I was forced to start preparing my own food.  To my surprise, something in me shifted and I became very passionate about not only pGabriela-MK2reparing my own meals, but sharing what I was learning with my family and friends.  The more I immersed myself in learning new recipes and researching plant-based diets, the more I became excited about exploring raw food.  This is when I found The Matthew Kenney Culinary Program.  I got all I expected and more from the course!  I love the simplicity yet variety of raw food options.  Preparing food has become more of a ritual to me;  like a creative process integrated into my daily routine.  In addition to my personal growth, it was exciting to connect with people from all over the world who share my passion, exchanging ideas, and getting feedback along the way.  It was a very supportive, positive group of people.
I will soon be working away from home in a new city.  Being out of my normal surroundings and starting an intense rehearsal schedule will make it hard to continue eating healthy and stick to the same habits I maintain at home.  Even finding vegan or raw options on the go is tricky, let alone preparing them.  However, healthy food has become essential to me and I am very aware of it’s impact on my energy level, performance, and mood. I find stability in eating healthy.  In order to stick to at least part of my routine, I will travel with my blender and continue making daily smoothies.  With what I’ve learned from the course, I will be able to integrate more raw food in my diet and continue my plant-based food journey no matter where I am.
I am very grateful for becoming part of the MK family.  The course has opened many doors and I have learned about endless possibilities with raw cuisine.  I am looking forward to raw food becoming an even bigger part of my life and sharing further experiences and ideas with all you food lovers.
Much love from Vienna!

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