MK Culinary Alumni and Wellness Consultant: Michelle May

Michelle May is a fitness model, wellness consultant, chef and MK Culinary alumni based in Encinitas, California. She’s been passionate about plant-based foods and nutrition for the past 10 years and is also a dedicated yogi. She likes to spend her free time handstanding, running, advocating for the rights of all animals and playing with her Vizslas, Bodhi and Bambi and Chihuahua, Pablo.

My journey into the world of plant-­based foods began 10 years ago, when I eliminated dairy foods from my diet in order to manage dog and other environmental allergies. I was raised as a vegetarian, so cows’ milk and cheeses had been a large part of my daily intake. Amazed and inspired by the dramatic health benefits I experienced once I stopped consuming dairy, I began to delve deeper into plant­-based cuisine. One of the first books I read, “Raw Food/Real World”, co­-written by Matthew Kenney, was a game ­changer for me. The gorgeous photos of live, luscious food and the innovative use of techniques and fresh ingredients provoked a shift in how I viewed sustenance ­ eating healthy food should feel abundant, not limiting.

A decade later, I am still fine ­tuning how and what I eat. My passion for food and nutrition has also blossomed into a career as a wellness consultant and chef. Last summer, I enrolled in the Level 1 Fundamentals of Raw Cuisine online course through Matthew Kenney Culinary, elated to learn from a world ­class culinary academy that also aligns with my ethics, as an animal lover.
Being completely immersed in the world of food for a month was incredible. Working with whole, live foods every day engaged my senses in a way I hadn’t experienced before. Seeing, touching, smelling, tasting, even hearing, feels intensified when working with fresh and seasonal ingredients.

In the fall, I completed the Culinary Nutrition online course. The two courses perfectly complimented each other, providing me with insight into not only how to use certain foods, but also why. We are so lucky to live in a time of unprecedented access to information, however it can sometimes be challenging to find reliable sources. Learning about nutrition through Matthew Kenney Culinary provided me with a solid, comprehensive understanding of the composition of food and how it affects our health. The expertise I gained during my studies at the academy has confirmed what I’ve felt intuitively for years ­ that a plant-­based diet is the most optimal way for me to eat.

As a chef and wellness consultant, I am also in the fortunate position of helping others enhance their lives through good food and nutrition. By offering nutritional assessments, recipes, meal plans and workshops, I have been able to share much of what I’ve learned, which deepens my own comprehension. It’s such an exciting time to be working with food. I’m grateful for the skills and knowledge that I’ve obtained through my training at Matthew Kenney Culinary and will use it to educate and inspire others to try a healthier approach, for ourselves and the planet.

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