Matthew Kenney Culinary Academy Locations

Matthew Kenney raw culinary academy locations: Venice

Venice, California

Our Los Angeles location truly represents the best of what California has to offer. Cool breezes, sunny beaches and access to some of the best farmer’s markets in the west create a relaxed, yet focused, learning environment for all students looking to expand their knowledge of plant-based, raw cuisine.


Matthew Kenney raw culinary academy locations: Miami

Miami, Florida

Located at the epicenter for personal growth and transformation within Miami’s Wynwood Arts District, our brand-new, state-of-the-art living foods kitchen offers students access to our dynamic course catalog. This vibrant community space inspires nutrient and flavor rich cuisine, along the warm tropical coastline for locals, and those seeking unforgettable culinary tourism experiences..


Matthew Kenney raw culinary academy locations: Belfast, Maine

Belfast, Maine

Maine offers a unique program, emphasizing principles and skills learned in our Level 1 and Level 2 courses. With visits to local farmers and artisans, the raw culinary academy core classes include menu planning, product development, desserts, and fermentation – all with a focus on high end flavors and precise, beautiful plating.


Matthew Kenney raw culinary academy locations: Thailand

Hua Hin, Thailand

Located in the peaceful area of Pranburi and facing the Gulf of Siam, our brand new state-of-the art academic facility is surrounded by 20-acres of lush, landscaped tropical gardens, including an organic garden, lotus ponds and access to the best plant-based produce Thailand has to offer.




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